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Sant Vaani Sateek (Commentary On The Sayings of Sants -- by Maharshi Mehi)
"Sant Vaani Sateek" is a book authored by Maharshi Mehi Paramhans Ji Maharaj. This is a commentary work by Him. It is better to know about this book by the author self. Below is the preface written by Maharshi Mehi in this book (Santvaani Sateek).
Guru Maharaj Maharshi Mehi
Guru Maharaj (i.e. Master, Maharshi Mehi called Baba Devi Sahab as 'Guru Maharaj'.) has taught with firm belief that the basic principles of all the sants are essentially the same. An idea hit upon in my mind that if the verses (sayings) of most sants be collected, then people would well know the truth of abovesaid sayings of Guru Maharaj (Baba Devi Sahab) after reading of those collected verses. For this very purpose I collected those from here and there. First collection has been published in the second part of the book 'Satsang-Yoga'. More collections continued to gather even after the first one. After publishing the book 'Satsang-Yoga' some disciples started to request:- "The collection of Sant-vaani (sayings of sants) is really very good. But if you be so kind to interpret these poems (with true meaning), it would be the best."
I also felt it sound, but I could not do it that time. 'Shanti-Sandesh' (a monthly journal) was started on behalf of Satsang, that is continuing till date. Then one bhajan (poem/hymn) with its interpretation (meaning) was started to publish in each issue of this journal. This work has been going on since the year of 1950. Possibly in the year of 1966, my most loving and reliable Satsangi (devout) Shri Babu Vishwanada Ji, M.A., Vice Principal, Koshi College (in the district of Khagaria, Bihar state, India) suggested me that those articles (poems of sants with interpretation) which have been published in the journal 'Shanti-Sandesh' should be collected and printed in a form of a book. So that people can take benefit from the book. In Shanti-Sandesh those (poems with meanings) are scattered in different issues (of different months) and so, it is less beneficial. This is why 'Sant Vaani Sateek' has been published.
The sayings of Sants are the infinite and inapprehensible ocean of spiritual feelings (realizations) and experiences. The experiences of Sants are the experiences of Yog-Samaadhi (the highest spiritual trance), that is the ultimate realization of meditation practices and not the literary experiences of thinking and analyzing. In this ocean it is very difficult to dive into the upper layer, then reaching to the end of the innermost layer and thus becoming the knower of the Absolute Knowledge is hardest of the harder, rarest of the rarer, and unique work. I could not enhance myself to dip into even the upper surface, however I get touch that seldom. Then how can I interpret Sant-Vaani (poems of sants), so reader should decide well. Only on the humble insistense (request) of Satsangis (devouts) I interpreted Sant-Vaani (poems of sants) whatever I could. I beg pardon from the scholars on my audaciousness and errors, if any. If any other scholar bears pain in providing the different meaning of these poems, I'll be obliged to him/her and I'll be glad that he/she has done painstaking effort for the betterment of the people.
Sants have followed God-devotion accompanying with Knowledge and Yoga (meditation). They have expressed their immense love to Supreme Sovereign God in their sayings (poems). Their this love-stream, being enlightened with knowledge and strengthened with the simplest meditation practice of Surat-Shabda Yoga (Naadaanusandhaan, the Yoga of Divine Sound), had merged completely with increasingly radiant and fervent spiritual feelings and experiences-- where they had realized Supreme Sovereign God and achieved the salvation; only their sayings are capable in all means to express the most dignified spiritual feelings (realizations) and the highest experiences. In 'Sant-Vaani Sateek', the readers will know about this very subject. Satsang devotee Shri Ananda Ji 'Visharad' and Shri Shiv Kumar Tulsi have done unremitting work in writing and collecting the poems and in printing respectively. I thank them.

Satsang-Sevak (Satsang-attendant/pupil),
On the day of Makar Purnima, 1968 (an Indian festival of Makar Poornima/Full-moon-night in the year of 1968)

Poems/Hymns of the following sants are enlisted in this book:—
1. Yogi Jalandhar Nath
2. Yogi Matsyendra Nath
5. Guru Nanak Sahab
6. Sant Dadu Dayal
7. Sant Charan Das
8. Sant Dariya Sahab (Madwari)
9. Sant Dariya Sahab (Bihari)
10. Sant Jagajeevan Sahab
12. Sant Garib Das
13. Sant Doolan Das
14. Sant Sundar Das
15. Goswami Tulsi Das
16. Sant Sur Das
17. Sant Tulsi Sahab
18. Sant Raidas
19. Sant Dhanna Bhagat
21. Sant Bheekha Sahab
24. Baba Keena Ram
25. Samarth Swami Ramdas
26. Sant Shah Faqueer
27. Sant Sewag Das
28. Swami Nirbhayananda
29. Sant Swami Hari Das
30. Guru Teg Bahadur
31. Sant Bakhana
33. Maharshi Mehi Paramhansa Ji Maharaj

-- The english transalation is the conserted efforts of many devouts like Shri Pravesh Kumar Singh, Shri Nandkishore Singh, Shri Rajesh Kumar Singh and other Satsangi Brothers, sisters and devouts.

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