Guru Ki Yaad Me
(In the remembrance of Lord Sadgurudeo)

Santvaani-Sateek (Commentary on the sayings of the Sants)

Sant Paltu Das' Poems

Ultaa kuaan gagan me......(There is an inverted well in the (inner) sky....)


UlaTaa kuaan gagan mein, tisame jarai chiraag ||1||

Tisame jarai chiraag, binaa rogan bin baatee |
chhah ritu baarah maas, rahat jaratain din raatee ||2||

Sataguru milaa jo hoy, taahi kee najar mein aawai |
bin satguru kou hoy, nahee waako darashaawai ||3||

Nikasai ek awaaj, chiraag kee jotinhi maanhee |
Jnaan samaadhee sunai, aur kou sunataa naanhee ||4||

Paltoo jo koI sunai, tAke pUre bhAg |
UlaTA kuAn gagan mein, tisame jarai chirAg ||5||


There is an inverted well in the (inner) sky wherein a lamp keeps burning. ||1||
(The head of a man, standing above the neck, is like an inverted well in which (the divine) lamp or flame burns or is alight. This lamp emitting light is seen by the practitioner of meditation. Tulsi Sahab has said,—

"Jaise mandir deepak baaraa |
Aise joti hot ujiyaaraa ||"

[i.e. just as a lamp is lit in the temple, our inner sky is illumined by the divine light.]

The well that we have on the earth is open at the top. This is the straight, upright or erect well, as all of us know. Man's head, however, is closed at the top and open from the bottom; the way to its top is from its bottom. That's why, a man's head is also referred to as the inverted well.)

The lamp (inside the head) keeps burning without any oil and wick.
All the six seasons and all the twelve months, this lamp keeps burning. ||2||

Those who have found a Guru (and act according to his teaching) are able to behold this (light/ lamp).
He who is deprived of a Guru, is not able to visualise this (light of the lamp). ||3||

A sound emanates out of the light of this lamp.
Only that practitioner (who has sunk himself deep into trance or intense meditation), and no body else is able to perceive this (divine) sound, in all his awareness. ||4||

Absolutely blessed is he, remarks Sant Paltoo, who can listen to or perceive that sound.
There is an inverted well in the (inner) sky wherein a lamp keeps burning. ||5||


Santmat — Victory To All The Sants
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