Guru Ki Yaad Me
(In the remembrance of Lord Sadgurudeo)

Santvaani-Sateek (Commentary on the sayings of the Sants)

Sant Malook Das' Poems

Teraa main deedaar diwaanaa......(I am madly thirsting to have your glimpse!.......)
ras re nirgun raag se.....(tuned to the attribute-less Sound.......)


teraa main deedaar deewaanaa |
ghaDI-ghaDI tujhe dekhaa chaahoon, sun saaheb rahamaanaa ||1||

huaa almast khabar nahin tan kee, peeyaa prem piyaalaa |
ThaaDh houn to gir gir paDataa, tere rang matavaalaa ||2||

khaDaa rahoon daravaar tihaare, jyon ghar kaa bandaajaadaa |
nekee kee kulaah sir deeye, gale pairahan saajaa ||3||

tauzee aur nimaaz na jaanoon, naa jaanoon dhari rozaa |
baang zikar tab hee se bisaree, jab se yah dil khojaa ||4||

kahai Malook ab kazaa na karihaun, dil hee son dil laayaa |
makkaa hajj hiye main dekhaa, pooraa murshid paayaa ||5||


I am madly thirsting to have your glimpse.
O kind God! I crave to see you every moment, all the time. ||1||

Having been drunk and intoxicated on your love I have become totally oblivious of even my own body.
I fall down every time I attempt to stand up, so much am I inebriated in your love. ||2||

I stand in humble attendance at your doorstep as a slave would do.....
Wearing the cap of good virtues on my head, and a long flowing garment hanging from my neck (garments worn by a traditional servant or slave). ||3||

I do not know Tauzi and Namaz (i.e. Islamic rituals of offering prayer), nor do I keep Roza (dawn-to-dusk fasting observed by Muslims during the holy month of Ramazan i.e. Ramadan).
I have forgotten Bang (i.e. Ajan or the loud recital of hymns from the Quran, the holy book of Muslims) and Zikar ( Jap, or the chanting of holy words) ever since I discovered myself. ||4||

I would no longer commit any errors, proclaims Sant Malook Das Ji, for I have dissolved my body-mind into my soul.
Having found an accomplished Murshid (Guru), I have seen Mecca and Haj within myself (my own body). ||5||


ras re nirgun raag se, gaavai koi jaagrat jogee |
alag rahai sansaar se, so is ras kaa bhogee ||1||

bharam karam sab chhaanD, anooThaa yah mat pooraa |
sahajai dhun laagee rahai, baaje anahad tooraa ||2||

laharain uThatee gyaan kee, barasain rimjhim motee |
gagan gufaa mein baiTh kai, dekhaa jagamag jotee ||3||

shiv nagaree aasan kiyaa, sun dhyaan lagaayaa |
teenon dasaa visaar ke, chauthaa pad paayaa ||4||

anubhav upajaa bhay gayaa, had taj behad laagaa |
ghaT unjiaaraa hoi rahaa, jab aatam jaagaa ||5||

sab rang khelai sam rahai, duvidhaa manhain na aanai |
kah Malook soyee raavalaa, mere man maanai ||6||


Great is the bliss which is experienced by a rare awakened yogi (one who has catapulted himself into the enlightened state, and is constantly tuned to the Attribute-less Sound).
He who keeps himself detached from the world, relishes that extraordinary taste. ||1||

His creed is unique and perfect who has abandoned all sorts of delusive acts.
Who is all the time immersed in the enchanting trumpet (sound currents) of countless varieties. ||2||

The waves of wisdom keep rising (within such a yogi), the sparkling pearls keep pouring down (in the inner sky).
Sitting in the inner divine cave (the Ajna Chakra), he beholds the dazzling radiance. ||3||

He lays his seat in the house of Lord Shiva (Shiva Netra or the Third Eye i.e. Ajna Chakra), and gets focussed in the inner void.
Forgetting or forsaking the three states (of wakefulness, dream and deep sleep), he attains the fourth state (the turiya state). ||4||

All fear is gone as he gets the direct experience; he leaves behind the limits of the finite world and enters into the infinite realm.
As the soul is awakened, the whole body becomes full of light. ||5||

(Such a yogi) remains equanimous while performing all sorts of (worldly) duties, and has no duality left in his mind.
My mind, says Sant Maluk Das, adores such a person as the True King or an Accomplished Man. ||6||


Santmat — Victory To All The Sants
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