Guru Ki Yaad Me
(In the remembrance of Lord Sadgurudeo)

Santvaani-Sateek (Commentary on the sayings of the Sants)

Sant Shri Singa's Poems

nirguN brahma hai nyaaraa koyee.....(The attribute-less God is distinct.....)


nirguN brahma hai nyaaraa koyee, samajho samajhana haaraa ||

khojat brahma janam siraane, muni jan paar na paayaa |
khojat khojat shiva ji thaake, wo aisaa aparampaaraa ||1||

shesh sahasmukh rahe nirantar, rain divas ek saaraa |
rishi muni aur siddha chaurasI, wo taintees koTi pachihaaraa ||2||

trikuTee mahal mein anahad baaje, hot shabda jhankaaraa |
sushaman sej shoonya mein jhoole, wo soham purush hamaaraa ||3||

ved kathe aru kahe nirvana, shrotaa kaho vichaaraa |
kaam krodh mad matsar tyaago, ye jhooThaa sakal pasaaraa ||4||

ek boond kee rachanaa saaree, jaakaa sakal pasaaraa |
singa jo bhar najaraa dekhaa, wohee guru hamaaraa ||5||


The attribute-less (i.e. who is beyond or free of the three qualities or attributes viz. sat, raj and tam) God is distinct, is unique; know Him. ||

Lord Brahma (the deity of creation) spent whole of his life searching Him (the attribute-less Brahma); the hermits failed to find His bounds.
Such is that boundless God that even Lord Shiva got tired looking for Him. ||1||

The (great serpent) Sheshanag with a thousand hoods kept seeking Him ceaselessly, day and night.
And also did the sages, ascetics, 84 siddhas and 3.3 million deities rigorously toil to discover Him. ||2||

Sounds of Anahad (countless varieties of) instruments keep ricocheting in the palace of trikuti (region immediately above or beyond the Thousand-petalled Lotus).
The bed of Sushumna is swinging in the inner sky; and in the inner void lives the Soham Purush ||3||

Vedas proclaim and so say the liberated sants, "O Listeners! Ponder well and then say.
The whole expanse of creation is illusory; (so) shun lust, anger, egotism, envy etc. ||4||

This whole creation is formed of a drop; everything is of His making.
He who has visualized Him & His exploits through the eyes of his soul, says Shri Singa Sahab, is my Guru. ||5||


Santmat — Victory To All The Sants
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