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(Faith Of The Sants)
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Philosophy of Salvation
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41. The sphere is impossible to be made unless and until its center is established.
42. There must be the five centers of the five spheres as spoken in article No. 39.
43. The center of the sphere of Kaivalya (Oneliness of the Upper Nature) is Supreme Sovereign God, Himself. The center of Mahaakaaran (the Supra-Causal) is the meeting point of Mahaakaaran and Kaivalya (Supra-Causal and Oneliness of Upper Nature). The center of the Kaaran (the Causal) is the meeting point of Mahaakaaran and Kaaran (the Supra-Causal and Causal), the center of the Sukshma (Subtle) is the meeting point of Sukshma and Kaaran (the Subtle and Causal) and the center of the Asthul (the Gross) is the meeting point of Sukshma and Asthul (the Subtle and Gross).
44. The creation comes into being only when the flow of vibration for creation flows from its center. The flow cannot exist without its inevitable sound. Therefore, there must be the central sound originated from their centers spoken in article No. 39. The direction towards which flows of all the said five central sounds move is from above to below. Each of these sounds has the quality to gravitate the consciousness-force to its center (place of origin). The essential sound or the pure Spiritual Sound has the quality to gravitate it up to the Supreme Sovereign God and the other mentioned sounds which can be called Mayavi (material) make one who pays attention to it, catch the sounds of the higher levels than theirselves. Without taking help of these sounds, the Essential Divine Sound is impossible to be attained. If it is said that Saar Shabda (the Essential Divine Sound) gives the message to be sent by God, it will be proper to say with this that accept this Essential Divine Sound each of the other central sounds makes one catch hold of the sounds of levels higher than its own.
45. The sound of the higher place reaches far down below and the Subtle is naturally pervaded in the Gross and at the same time, the Subtle flow is longer than the Gross flow. For these reasons, the central sound of the higher level (sphere) is exclusively definite like an arithmetical calculation to be caught from the center of the lower sphere (by the consciousness-force i.e. individual soul). The progressive consciousness-force cannot fall down through the above mentioned practice.
46. The practice of Naadaanushandhaan or Surat Shabda Yoga has been described in Upanishads and Bharati Sants' literature only for this reason that the Supreme may be attained by directly achieving all the central sounds described in article No. 45 and being gravitated by them reach beyond all the spheres of creation.
47. Nature itself also has been called unoriginated, but not for this that it also is without beginning as Supreme Sovereign God, but only because that there is no Time and Place for its origin because time and place can be created not before but only after it. It appeared in Supreme Sovereign God only by His spiritual and Divine Desire (Immaterial and Super-mental Pure Divine desire, not worldly mental desire). So its origin and end is only in Supreme Sovereign God. And Supreme Sovereign God is beyond Time and Place and He is called the Origin even of the unoriginated. Nature is called also by the name Finite Unoriginated.
48. Body or Microcosm is called Kshetra (the field) and Aatma (the soul) is called Kshetrajna (the knower of the field).
49. The Gross, Subtle, Causal and the Supra-Causal; these four fields or bodies are non-conscious. The direct knowledge (realized knowledge) of the Supreme or of one’s own self-reality cannot be attained because it is concealed by these coverings.
50. Kaivalyasharir (the body or the field of Oneliness) is conscious. This is nearest to Supreme Sovereign God; that is to say, there is nothing except the Supreme beyond this. It is quite possible to have the direct knowledge of Supreme Sovereign God and of one’s own self being with this Conscious Body. And that the self may have the direct knowledge of one’s own and of Supreme Sovereign God, there is no reason to doubt.
51. The extension of the Subtle is more than that of the Gross. It is impossible to have more extension than One, Who is essentially (in his very essence) Infinite and Unoriginated. Therefore, it is the Subtlest of all. The gross instrument cannot be able to catch hold of the subtle or tiny element. All the organs of outer and inner sense [hands, feet, mouth, sex, anus- these five are the (motor) work organs, and eyes, ears, nose, skin and tongue-- these five are the sense organs; work organs and sense organs are the outer organs of the senses. Mind, intellect, Chitta (consciousness) and ego - these four are the internal organs of the senses] by which any work within and without, can be performed, are infinitely more gross than Supreme Sovereign God. He is absolutely unable to be apprehended by these senses. It is impossible to know Him directly while under the spheres of the senses and Non-conscious Nature, therefore, He shall be attained directly on extending one’s own self spiritually above all these. For this reason, to attain Him directly, any of the outer devotional practices is useless. The attainment of the State of Oneliness of Upper Nature going beyond the spheres or bodies of the Non-Conscious Nature is absolutely impossible by outer means. And to surpass the spheres is quite possible by the spiritual movement within body. For this defined matter, the states in the waking and dreaming stages are direct evidences. To say that Supreme Sovereign God is All-pervasive and so He has already being attained and to take any step without or within for His attainment is irrational, and to say this also that Supreme Sovereign God is All-pervasive with His own rays but He lives with His own self in only one place, and so upto Him we have to travel; both of these statements are irrational and futile for the above mentioned reason. The first one has not perceived through his senses, he satisfies his appetite with the sweets of high fancy and, the second does not think that the sphere of the rays of limited one would also be limited. That can not in any way be essentially Unoriginated and Infinite. That there must exist one who is essentially without beginning (Unoriginated) and Infinite is exclusively settled by the highest wisdom. That is limited may govern unlimited is not possible. Supreme Sovereign God can only and certainly be recognized as Unoriginated and Unlimited. Why He should be searched within one’s own self for His direct attainment, has been described above.
52. To move spiritually within, leaving the coveries, is to move towards meeting with Supreme Sovereign God. This work is the special devotion to Supreme Sovereign God or the infallible practice to attain the perfect knowledge of the self. This spiritual practice is also called Aantarik Satsang (inner efforts to meet the truth, God).
53. Hearing and meditation of the sacred knowledge concerned with the devotion to the Supreme is inevitable with the above means. Therefore to have outer Satsang (to hear spiritual talk in the association of Sants) is essential.
54. The secret art of the spiritual practices and help to this end should be obtained by serving the able spiritual preceptor and it is most essential to practise this art regularly and daily according to his given direction.
55. There is an automatic transition in the transference from the stage of wakening to the stage of dreaming and in this internal transition (inward journey) mental cares are left behind and a peculiar ease is felt. Therefore, the internal transition and to enjoy peculiar ease is quite possible by leaving cares (worldly thoughts) that is by concentrating mind or getting it poised in the one-pointedness.
Kabir Sahab tells--
“There is something mysterious in such living that in sitting one walks.”
Radhaswami Sahab says --
“He, who sat finished his journey; he, who walked, could not find the way.”
56. When any thing is reversed from any direction, the thing naturally moves towards the opposite direction. When the mind would be concentrated from the Gross sphere and would become still in the one-pointedness, it would move up to the Subtle sphere, opposite to the Gross sphere.
57. Surat (jeevatma i.e. consciousness-force or individual soul) exists in the mind as butter exists in milk. The consciousness-force will also move with the movement of mind. The mind is subtle Non-conscious. It can’t go beyond the Non-conscious sphere of the Causal sphere. The consciousness-force can move only within this sphere (i.e. Causal) with the mind. The consciousness-force will be able to move after this leaving the association of the mind, for its own sphere is above the Non-conscious sphere of Nature, from where it has come down.
58. The Name-Sound of Supreme (i.e. the Divine Sound) has been described in article No. 35. The Original Unstriken Word-Sound of the beginning is God’s own Special Name that makes apparent His own reality or the Name through which the direct knowledge (realized knowledge) of the Essential existence of the Supreme can be attained. Those articulate (alphabetical) words by which Supreme Sovereign God and this Name-Sound are called, are the names, which speak highly of the glories of the Supreme Sovereign God and of the above mentioned Name-Sound (Dhwanyaatmak Naam). So these articulate (alphabetical) names are called the names, which speak God’s glories. These words only express the state and characteristics of His and of His Special Name, but they can’t be able to give the direct knowledge (realized knowledge) of their Essential Existence.
59. It is natural for one to depend primarily on the elements of the sphere to which one belongs. It will naturally be easy for the dwellers of the Gross sphere to depend (or to take support of) primarily on only the gross. So, to concentrate mind the practice of concentrating mind should be exercised first by the help of Maanas Jap (repition or muttering in mind of any holy name of the Supreme being silent with eyes shut as instructed by spiritual preceptor) of any articulate name of the Supreme and Maanas Dhyaan(Concentration of mind on any holy figure with closed eyes as instructed by spiritual preceptor) of any of His Divine Gross Figure. Supreme Sovereign God pervades all the spheres of Nature and the universe (Macrocosm). All the effulgent (magnetic) glorious and purest virtues of creation are His divine glories. Having attained some ability of concentrating mind by the aforesaid practices the practice of apprehending the subtle support should be exercised to enter into the subtlety. The ‘point’ (Bindu) is the subtle support. It is only point, which is called the existence subtler than subtle of Supreme Sovereign God. The mark indivisible and measureless is called ‘point’. Actually, it cannot be marked even by the tip of the hair externally. So even its mental meditation is impossible to be practised by marking something externally like a point and seeing it. It is practised by Drishti Yoga (the Yoga of vision) within oneself. Drishti Yoga needs not exteriorize or distend the pupils of the eyes or eye-balls in any way. If the pupils of the eyes and eye-balls are distended, it brings pain and disease in the eyes. The power to see is called drishti (vision). The one-pointedness is attained by uniting both the rays of the eye-sight into one point and staring at the meeting-point with steadfast mind. This is called Drishti Yoga. Its constant practice opens the subtler or Divine Sight. In the Stage, stilled in one-pointedness, it is quite possible to grasp the spiritual sound by the consciousness-force originated from the central point of the Gross sphere or the meeting-point of the Gross and subtle sphere, for having been stilled into the stage of subtlety, the subtle sound is not impossible to be grasped. Sound has a characteristic that it gravitates the consciousness-force to its place of origin. Because of this, on having achieved this spiritual sound, the consciousness-force will reach up to the State beyond the Sound (i.e. Supreme Sovereign God), being gravitated by and through the sounds. To achieve success in the said practice, the service of Sadguru (the able spiritual preceptor), his association, his supreme grace and intensive constant practice of the meditation are most essential.
60. Although Shabda Yoga (the Yoga of Sound) without Drishti Yoga (the Yoga of Vision) has not been described for practised in the Bharati (Hindi) Sants’ literature or Upanishads, it is still possible to attain central sound of the Gross Sphere on some future occasion if the constant and excessive practice of the Yoga of sound is exercised by any one and further, that practitioner will have the regular path. The reason lies in the fact that on attending to the internal sounds, it comes into knowledge of the fact that all the sounds, which are heard, come from above not from below. And that very Central Sound too, flows from above. The unsteadiness of mind must be dissolved through the meditation of sound (i.e. the Yoga of sound, Naadaanusandhaan or Surat-Shabda Yoga). The mind enters into subtlety when it becomes steadfast. It is no wonder that the mind, poised in subtlety can grasp that central subtler sound. But the more profound method should be known only as the method described in the Upanishads and Bharati Sants' literature. The fall and degeneration of those who have come on the path of internal sounds, is impossible. At the same time, to succeed in the said practice, is impossible for one who will ignore the uprightness of character (to keep oneself safe from telling a lie, stealing, smoking and drinking, violence and adultery is to maintain the uprightness of character). To attain ultimately the Original Sound or Original Word or the Essential Divine Sound, again to be gravitated by it reaching its center; to attain the Super-Sound state (i.e. The Nameless state, the State beyond the Sound, Soundless State -- all are the same thing), by grasping respectively the Central Sounds of the lower spheres and proceeding on; has been described in the Upanishads and Bharati Sants' literature and at the same time, this is rational too. Hence, the statement that there might be any other way for attaining the State transcending (Beyond) Sound, that is, Anaam Pad (the Nameless State) not acceptable and unless the Nameless State (i.e. the Supreme Himself) is attained, the greatest good can not be had.
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