Sant Buddha
guru nanak
sant kabir
(Faith Of The Sants)
tulsi sahab
devi sahab
guru mehi

Philosophy of Salvation
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21. The extension of the non-self is called Aachchhaadan Mandal (the sphere of the coverings).
22. The Essential Existence of Supreme Sovereign God can only be attained by going beyond the non-conscious sphere of the coverings or forms. This Non-conscious sphere of the coverings or forms exists in four forms. They are called Asthul (Gross), Sukshma (Subtle), Kaaran (Causal), Mahaakaaran (Supra-Causal). The ocean (vast realm) of Causal is called the Supra-Causal.
23. The greatest good cannot be had unless the Self Existence of Supreme Sovereign God is attained.
24. As all the outer scenes of the world look colored by the same color as of the glasses over the eyes, so the individual soul under the shadow of the Non-conscious coverings can have the apprehension of only the reality of Aachchhaadan tattva (the coverings or forms) not of any different reality.
25. Any form of Sagun (the Qualified, contained with Sat, Raj, Tam) and manifest cannot be Unoriginated, Infinite, Ultimate Reality or the form of the entire extension of Supreme Sovereign God.
26. Smell, touch, taste and the articulate as well as the inarticulate (sounds) words of the sphere of the triple Nature can be called Sagun Niraakaar (Qualified Unmanifest). Parts even greater than the greatest of its sphere cannot cover the entire extension of Supreme Sovereign God.
27. Pure consciousness (Upper Nature) and the Original Word originated from its centre can be called devoid of the three organs of Nature or Nirgun Niraakaar (Unqualified Unmanifest), even by this (that is, by the Unqualified Nature) Supreme Sovereign God cannot be covered. To hold that there is any thing finite which can cover the Infinite is irrational and illogical.
28. The Non-conscious Qualified Nature or Lower Nature transforms itself into various forms. So it is called perishable and untrue (not eternal).
29. Chetnaatmak Nirgun Prakriti (Conscious Unqualified Nature or Upper Nature) is unchangeable, so it is Akshara (imperishable) and true. Supreme Sovereign God is beyond the true and untrue as well as beyond the perishable and imperishable.
30. The creation cannot come into existence unless the Spiritual Wave or commotion (vibration) for creation is raised in Supreme Sovereign God by Himself.
31. The spiritual wave or commotion (vibration) must be with sound for the sound is inevitable to vibration (i.e. the sound cannot leave the company of vibration). The commotion must be full of sound and the sound must be full of commotion (or vibration).
32. Only before the creation of both the Natures, Upper and Lower, there must have been produced Aadi Dhwanyaatmak Shabda (the Original Sound or the Original Inarticulate Word). This very Sound is called ‘Om’, Satya Shabda (True Word), Saar Shabda (Essential Word), Satya Naam (True Name), Ram Naam (All-Pervading Sound). Aadi Shabda (Word in the beginning) and Aadi Naam (Name in the beginning).
33. The creation cannot come into being without vibration and sound. Vibration and sound must inevitably pervade all creations.
34. The word [i.e. sound] in the begging must be sounding at all times inevitably, ceaselessly and in the inner-heart of the whole creation. This is exclusively decided. This Sound is the essential basis of creation, all pervasive and true.
35. Out of the Unmanifest appeared the Manifest that is, out of the subtle appeared the gross. The subtle naturally pervades the gross. Therefore, the Original Word (the sound of the beginning) is all-pervasive.
The Yogies attain Supreme Sovereign God moving spiritually in this sound, that is to say, through the medium of this sound, the direct knowledge of the realization of Supreme Sovereign God is attained, so, this sound is called Ram Naam (the name of the Supreme Sovereign). This (sound) is essentially in all and is also unchangeable. This is why this has been called Saar Shabda (the essential Word), Satya Shabda (True Word) and Satya Naam (True Name) in the Bharati sants' literature and this has been called by Rishies (the ancient sages) in the Upanishads (scriptures) as 'Om'. This sound of the beginning is called 'Om' in the world.
36. The natural characteristics of sound is to gravitate the attention or mind to its center and it exists with the essential qualities of its center and adds its qualities to one who pays attention to it.
37. There are two great spheres of Creation viz. the sphere of Upper Nature or the State pf existence, Knowledge and Bliss (Sachchidaanand pad) or the State of Oneliness or the State of Pure-consciousness (consciousness free from Non-consciousness) Nature and the Lower Nature or the sphere of the Non-conscious Nature.
38. The Non-conscious or Lower Nature is divided into four spheres viz. Supra-causal, Causal, subtle and Gross. The original existence of this Nature is an equal-balanced combination of the three organs of Nature. Nature holds equilibrium in this stage. This stage should be called Supra-causal. When any movement of organs in its any particular portion takes place in this stage, that portion being moved gets unbalanced. Therefore, this unbalanced portion is called the confused sphere rather than Nature and there does not any more remain the equal proportion of Gunas (qualities). That unbalanced portion causes the creation of Universe. So the said portion is the cause of the Universe. There are the causes of so many Universes like this in the original existence of Jaraatmak Mool Prakriti (the Non-conscious Nature). Therefore in its original existence, this can also be called the Ocean of Causes. When the flow of creation flows thenceforth down from the causal existence then it is called Subtle and coming down from Subtle it is called Gross. Thus the four sphere of Non-conscious Nature come into creation.
39. There are five spheres in all in the whole creation, -the four sphere of Non-conscious Nature with the one of the Upper Conscious Nature viz. the sphere of Oneliness of Upper Nature, Supra-causal, Causal, Subtle and Gross.
40. As Brahmaand (the Macrocosm i.e. universe) is filled with the five spheres of Nature written in item No. 39, so Pind (the Microcosm i.e. body) is also filled with the same five spheres. On thinking about one’s states in waking and dreaming stages, it is directly revealed that when one lives in a particular sphere or leaves a particular sphere of the microcosm, one lives or leaves at the same time, the same sphere in the macrocosm. So if Surat (the consciousness-force i.e. individual soul) will go beyond all the spheres of microcosm, at the same moment it will already have gone beyond all the spheres of the macrocosm as well.
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