Sant Buddha
guru nanak
sant kabir
(Faith Of The Sants)
tulsi sahab
devi sahab
guru mehi

Love-Expressions Of The Devotees
Great are the Sants who show the path of self-realization and uplift one's consciousness to the highest state by the current of their spiritual power. Fortunate are those people who get the company of Sants, obtain the higher knowledge serving Guru, and follow the words of Guru and Sants through each breath. They carry on the duties of this world as well as they do the practice of meditation to reach the Absolute State (Nameless State) as Sants preach. Though the words can not measure the greatness of the Sants, pen and ink can not really depict the language of love, devotion can not be printed on the paper in any press, still when the heart weeps, its tears take the shape of broken words. And this page contains pearls of those broken, inexpressible words which are dedicated to the Guru, Sants and Santmat. Of course, there are many such devotees having firm faith on Guru & Santmat. Here only those are represented which have been received. You are warmly welcomed to send if you want, through mail on
maharshi mehi

2. When the cries from the heart begin; the search for a true Guru starts
—authored by Mr. Lars Jensen from Sweden

Santmat — Victory To All The Sants
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