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Preaches Of Gurusevi Bhagirath Baba
Sadguru Maharshi Mehi

Share of 10 Out of 16

Respected devout, mothers and sisters,

Once a meditation camp was being run for a month in Dehri-On-Son, a place in Bihar. On that holy occasion, one day Swami Abhedanand came to Sadguru Mehi and paid his humble regards to holy feet of his Sadguru and took a seat nearby Him. In order to praise the organizer's facility in meditation camp, he started to say, "Master! Organizers and Satsangi of Dehri-On-Son are very good. The facilities provided by them are appreciated. After morning Satsang, they offer very good breakfast like sweets, rasgulla, yoghurt with chiwda (made of boiled rice), fruits and sometimes kachaudi (fried stuffed small chapati) and vegetables. In lunch they offer various types of green vegetables, a good quality of rice, pulses, milk and curd, kheer and puri, variety of sweets, chapati with pure deshi ghee etc."

Saying all these he stepped out. Guru Maharaj did not react anything on it that time. At afternoon session of Satsang, Sadguru Mehi came to stage, and He stated in His discourse, "I have heard that satsangi (devouts) of this place have very big heart. They offer very delicious foods to all meditation practitioners, sages and Sanyasi by daily changing menu of foods. They offer good breakfast, tasty lunch and dinner as well. Whoever has come here for meditation and are having these delicious foods, there will be a share of 10 out of 16. [If we assume accumulated good virtues and spiritual power gained by meditation practitioners as a capital, then divide all these capital in 16 parts.] Then 10 parts out of 16 will be for food providers. And 6 parts out of 16 will be for meditation practitioners. Those who are not practising meditation properly, there will be debt on them. Do not go by taking debt from here. If you want to save the capital of meditation power, you must live self-dependant."

Having heard this preach, some practitioners went to the market, purchased some utensils and food ingredients and started to prepare foods by themselves alongwith the regular practice of meditation.

Meditation practitioner must have easily digestible foods, which should not cause constipation. If stomach is not clean, it can cause gastric and practitioner may feel laziness. Practitioner should not take over diet. Instead of over diet, practitioner should take light food. Progress in meditation is very hard to them who do not have control on their diet.

Most Reverend Sadguru Maharaj states :

"At first, control your diet. And then shed out all bad qualities gradually."

Meditation practitioner must sit in one posture for long duration to meditate. Without sitting for long duration, advancement in meditation does not happen. Practitioner should not live attached with worldly objects. One can not concentrate in jap-meditation having attached with worldly materials. Hence, practitioner should try to live detached with world. Practitioner should ponder that I have come alone in this world, I have come with empty hand, one day I shall leave the world alone and that also empty hand. Whatsoever beloved and lovely things owing to me, will be left behind after my departure from my body. Nobody will go with me....

One who keeps oneself in detached state, gets inclined to meditation and also gets spiritual advancement and inner experiences in meditation. One who can not live in this way, is deprived from these divine benefits.

A hermit or sage who lives in forest, keeps a special kind of wood named "Arani". When hermit rubs two blocks of this particular wood together, it creates fire. There are three types of wood logs. One log is in water of a river from many days and so this wood piece is completely wet. One another wood log is in the forest, but it is sap wood. It has moisture or content of water in it. And third type of wood is besides a river, but it is totally dry, sapless and withered. First kind of wood which is completely wet can not create fire when it is rubbed. Similarly second type of sap wood also can not create fire when it is rubbed. But if dry wood is rubbed together, it creates fire. Though this dry wood is besides the river. Similarly, practitioners who are dry from inside and detached from the world, will get fire i.e. they will get progress in meditation.

Saints have not told to leave home and family to get the spiritual progress. Instead they told, "involve in all, live with all, but live at your designated place from inside."

Saint told, "show your love for all, but remain detached from inside like a cucumber." Cucumber looks one from outside. But, if a cucumber is cut from the middle, you will see its three different parts, separated from each other."

This is the way we should live in this world and we should do meditation practice at particular time (as instructed by Master) in one posture with perseverance and calmness. To have progress in meditation, practitioner should do Manas Jap (repeating mantra with closed eyes and mouth) for a long period. Because Jap is the foundation of all inner meditations. If base is strong, we can build ten storey apartments. If base is weak, engineer does not give permission to construct upper floor in building. Similarly, our mind and heart gets cleaned on practice of Manas Jap. Then, we get the power to do Manas Dhyan. On rigorous practice of Manas Dhyan, we get the power to do Drishti Yog. And on completion of Drishti Yog, we get ability to grasp divine inner sounds and we advance in Surat-Shabda-Yog ( the Yoga of Sound). Shabda-Yog makes individual-soul realized with Supreme Sovereign God, and thus the individual-soul attains the greatest welfare.

What is the base of all these meditation practices? The base of all these meditation practices is Manas Jap. Therefore, we practitioners should do Manas Jap all times consistently. If practitioner thinks,"Jap will take a lot of time, and then when shall we do other meditation steps? And, so we will do next steps of meditation minimizing the time of Manas Jap, in reference to it a great saint Goswami Tulsidas has stated,

"Success will not come if we leave Jap and do other advanced meditation steps, because it is Jap which purifies my mind and heart. And only pure mind and heart becomes a crutch of success in meditation further."

Goswami Tulsidas has said:

"Without the support of the name of Ram (mantra of Jap) if one hopes to attain Supreme Sovereign God, it is similar to climb upon the sky by holding the rain drops.
The name of Ram (Jap) is a non-zero digit. Other all meditation practices are zero."

Manas Jap = 1,
Manas Dhyan = 0,
Drishti Yog = 0,
Surat-Shabda-yog = 0
So the number will be formed like 1000
If one leave or remove the non-zero digit from the leftmost position, we will get nothing. It will be 000, and that is of no value. Howsomuch zero will be added without having non-zero digit at leftmost position, that number will have no value and it will be zero only.
But if you hold non-zero digit 1, and then if you place zero besides this non-zero digit, the value of number will be increased 10 times and if you place one more zero, it's value will be increased by 100 times.
1000 and so on.

You see, the value of number will be increased that much times, if we place zero besides 1.
This is the power of Manas Jap. It acts like a non-zero digit in mathematics; and without Manas Jap, all other steps are like zero.

Note: - This discourse has been delivered by Gurusevi Bhagirath Baba in a Shri Santmat-Satsang Mandir, Manihari of Katihar district on 25th June 2013.
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