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Relation of Rectitude in Meditation

Respected devout, mothers and sisters,

We come to know from our holy books and scriptures that the whole universe is created by the holy desire of Supreme Sovereign God. The knowledge of Santmat is being propagated since the creation of this world. The knowledge of saints is based on the highly profound wisdom. Lord Indra (king of deities) took hundred years in grasping the knowledge of Santmat. So, we all can imagine the reconditeness of Santmat-wisdom. I am not finding myself capable to explain such profound knowledge, but trying to put in some words that I have learnt from my Sadguru. The profound teachings of Santmat protect us from the greatest fear. One of the scriptures, 'Kenopnishad' states :

If in this birth you have known the Brahm (God), then it is good and if you have not known the Brahm in this birth, it is a huge loss. The wise people make this great wisdom available to the entire human beings and thus become immortal in this world.
Here meaning of 'knowing the Brahm' is to conceive the idea on Brahm through intellect. In other words, one who has contemplated the Brahm ( i.e. who has fixed his mind on the real form of Supreme Sovereign God and the real path leading to Him) escapes from the greatest fear. And one who has not conceived the knowledge of Brahm, will suffer from the greatest fear. The greatest fear is - getting birth in other than human body. After death, one should not get born in different body other than human, atleast one should contemplate the subject of Brahm in one's mind. Withal, one should start devotion to Him for the greatest welfare. Little practice of meditation develops Samskar (bundle of good virtues) and this Samskar will protect the 'jeev' (individual soul) from the greatest fear. Lord Shri Krishna stated, "The reverse consequence of this Yog i.e. meditation never happens. Its little practice saves from the greatest fear." So, wisdom of Santmat certainly saves us from this greatest fear. Besides it, meditation taught by Santmat has such immense power which ultimately makes the individual soul realized with Supreme Sovereign God. Santmat teaches us what to do for it.

It is necessary to take support of elements of the same sphere in which one lives. We live in gross sphere of the universe. So, we need to take support of gross elements of this sphere. [e.g. if one wants to swim across the river, will have to take support of water. ] For it, firstly we have to practice Manas Jap of alphabetical name of Supreme Sovereign God and we have to practice Manas-dhyan of any excellence physical form of Supreme Sovereign God. [Manas Jap is repeating mantram i.e. alphabetical name through mind and Manas Dhyan is concentrating over the physical divine form of Sadguru or God-resembling entity.] Practicing these two means of meditation will make us capable to concentrate the mind for a while. Then we have to take support of subtle entity to enter into subtle sphere. What is subtle support? Subtle support is 'point'. A point is called the subtlest form of Supreme Sovereign God. Point can not be drawn on the paper even by the tip of a hair. As we know, point does not have length, width and breadth. That 'point' is visible on practicing Drishti Yog. The practitioner of Drishti Yog should not apply any kind of stress on eyes, eyelids or eyeballs. Applying such stress can cause damage in eyes. The power to see is called vision. Vision is not eyes or eyeballs. Vision is the power through which we see the objects. Both eyes have power to see. In Drishti Yog we practice uniting both visions (of both eyes) at a particular place. While keeping both eyes closed, gazing incessantly over the place where both the visions unite in the inner sky, the 'point' appears there. Drishti Yog is to unite both visions at that 'point'. On succeeding in the practice of Drishti Yog, subtle vision or Divine vision ('Divya Drishti') is lit up. Even obtaining this divine vision Supreme Sovereign God is not obtained. Then practice of Surat-Shabda-Yog is compulsory. Though God is everywhere, He is omnipresent, no place is without Him, still He is obtained in the completion of the yoga of Essential Divine sound (Surat-Shabda-Yog). There are two types of sounds mainly -

i) Aahat Shabda i.e. sound emitted due to strike or collide
ii) Anaahat Shabda i.e. sound emitted automatically without any strike (of objects)

On striking an object with other object a sound is produced. It is called Aahat Shabda like clapping, piano, guitar, drum etc. When we speak, that word also is produced first from umbilicus (navel). That word is coming out of the mouth after striking many internal organs. This word is also called Aahat Shabda. When we close our ears, we hear a running sound. That sound comes due to flow of blood supply in our veins. This sound also is Aahat shabda. We play many instruments like piano, drums, and flute. These sounds are Aahat Shabda. Anaahat Shabda is one which leads to Supreme Sovereign God. Before catching Anaahat shabda, there are many subtle sounds which are heard in the practice of Drishti Yog. Such subtle sounds are called Anahad Shabda (Multiple inner divine sounds). Having grasped of Anahad Shabda our consciousness-force is gravitated towards the next subtle sound of higher sphere, and thus finally catches Anaahat Shabda i.e. Sar-Shabda (the Essential Divine Sound) which merges individual soul to Supreme Sovereign God.

To get success in this meditation, we must have to keep ourselves pure in all thinking and conduct. As a lame is unable to walk by both legs, similarly a practitioner who is weak in rectitude can not move even an inch in the meditation. There is interdependence between rectitude (highly pure conducts) and meditation. 'Q' is always with 'U' in English dictionary; similarly, without following rectitude one can not get success in inner journey of meditation. Rectitude and Meditation both strengthen each other. The importance of fragrance in the flowers, the importance of sweetness in the sweets, importance of taste in the food we feel, the same importance rectitude keeps in meditation. Some people say that they are not literate and so they can not follow the path of rectitude. This assumption is not justified. To get rid of falsehood, stealing, intoxication, violence, and adultery is called rectitude. If a righteous is not scholar, it is not of any harm. But if a scholar is not of high moral conducts, it is the subject of condemn. Hence, if we practice the meditations of Santmat following the path of rectitude strictly we definitely succeed in the meditation by the grace of Sadguru.

Note: - This speech was delivered by respected Gurusevi Bhagirath baba in the morning Satsang on 4th Mar 1979 on the occasion of 71st All India Santmat Satsang in Khagaria district of Bihar, India.
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