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(In the remembrance of Lord Sadgurudeo)

Life And Teachings Of Sant Sadguru Baba Devi Sahab
Baba Devi Sahab was a great Sant and He was the Master of Sadguru Maharshi Mehi Paramhans Ji Maharaj.
Sant Baba Devi Sahab

Life And Teachings of Baba Devi Sahab
Munshi Maheshwari Lal and his wife were living a happy and spiritual life in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India. Their child used to die in few days after the birth. So, Maheshwari used to remain very worry.But that family was a great devotee of Sant Tulsi Sahib. Sant Tulsi Sahib lived nearby in a hut and did meditation. They used to go there to meet Him and offer their devotion and dedication. One day, Sant Tulsi Sahib came to their house, and blessed Maheshwari, "Maheshwari ! you look very sad. Are you in grief for a son? Dont worry, this year a devine baby will get born who will change the lives of thousands people. " The sayeth of sants never goes wrong. Following it, on one holy Sunday of March in the year of 1841, a baby was born. He was named as Devi. Later this boy became a great Sant in the history of Santmat as the prephecy of Sant Tulsi Sahab.
From the childhood, Devi was devotional, and did meditation. In real, Sant Tulsi Sahib was not the spiritual preceptor of Baba Devi Sahib. Because Baba Devi Sahib had not taken Diksha (initiation, knowing the secret art of doing meditation) from Sant Tulsi Sahib directly. But at the age of 4 years, when his mother took him to Sant Tulsi Sahib, Tulsi Sahib had blessed him by putting his hand on Baba Devi's head and told that he (Baba Devi) would not need any Guru (spiritual master). Sant Tulsi Sahib left his maternal body when Baba Devi Sahib was 6 years old only.

Baba Devi Sahib used to do meditation from the childhood. He used to sit in a constant pose with eyes closed for 2-3 hours. Family members used to be surprised what he was doing. Baba Devi had no interest in childhood activity, playing etc. When Baba Devi became about 6 years old, his father deployed a teacher to start his basic education. He was very intelligent in study and he used to complete his home-work in very short time and in the remaining time he used to ponder over some matters. Oneday his teacher asked Baba Devi, "What do you think in yourself everytime?" Baba Devi replied,"I have already completed your task and if you are ready to understand me, I can tell you what I am thinking." The teacher agreed to answer. Then Baba Devi explained, "My mind always tries to find out the secret of world. What is this world? Who has created this, and why? From where we come, from where soul come and where it will go after death?" The teacher was astonished by the thoughts running in this small aged boy. The teacher had no any answer and just escaped by saying, "Your age is not to think over it. These questions are unanswered so far. So why are you wasting your time in these wasteful gossip? Pay your attention in your study that is more important to you." Then Baba Devi argued how these matters were not for our welfare. Will you, others and I not leave this world one day? If we have to, then what is wrong if we think about where we shall go after death? The teacher understood him that he should give priority in that learning by which he would get job for surviving life. Then discussion was over and later the teacher narrated entire conversation to his father. His father smiled and remembered the prediction of Sant Tulsi Sahib.

When Baba Devi was at the age of 14 years, his mother left this world and after some months his fater too left the world. Baba Devi became alone then.

After the demise of his father, Baba Devi felt alone. His mind began to fill up with the idea of renunciating the world and living like a sage in a lonely place. But other family members did not want to let him live in ascetic life. They began to force him to marry. But Baba Devi strictly forbade and did not marry. He firmly told that the aspiration of his life was — to free himself from the bondages (of Maayaa i.e. illusion) and also to make free others.

At last when everybody failed to convince him then PadmaDas, his friend and cousin, advised him to stay in Agara (a city in India), and he influenced him to become a devotee of Radhaswami Santmat. Baba Devi respected his brother Padma Das due to his immense love and affection. Padma Das was himself devotee of Radhaswami Santmat and he used to attend Satsang alongwith doing job in a post-office. Baba Devi accepted this proposal and came to Agara with him. That time Ray Bahadur Shaligram working was at the higher designation in the post-office. He (Shaligram Sahab) also used to work in the post-office. At the same time, he organized Satsang in Agara.

Padma Das took Baba Devi to Ray Bahadur Shaligram's Satsang. There, Padma Das narrated to Shaligram Sahab about his (Baba Devi's) story — his intensified devotion from the childhood, demise of parents in very short age, his firm determination and increasing intuition to spend his life as Yogi in a lonely place. Hearing all of these, Ray Sahab asked Baba Devi, "Do you know the method of meditation which you want to practise in a secluded place?" "Yes" --- Baba Devi replied humbly. Then Shaligram Sahab asked, " From where you have got it?" Baba Devi told," I am disciple of Sant Tulsi Sahab and he himself has blessed me." Then Shaligram Sahab became very glad to hear it and told that you were the member of my own family because, Sant Tulsi Sahib was my most reverend. Rai Sahab further explained about the association of his Guru (Master), Shiv Dayal Swami ji and Sant Tulsi Sahab's disciple Giridhari Das. He disclosed that his Guru Shiv Dayal ji used to tell that he (Shiv Dayal) had been greatly benefitted with the association of Baba Giridhari Das, a disciple of Sant Tulsi Sahab. Rai Sahab suggested Baba Devi,"Why do you need to go anywhere? Live here and do Satsang and meditation with us. In this time living like sage, who begs for food, is not good. People dont take him properly and they understand him as burden on earth. Also people dont offer those sages with devotion. Instead they neglect them. If you get difficulty for your food, how will you do your meditation? So, first search a job for your livelihood and then continue your meditation doing that job." Shaligram Sahab told Baba Devi to come on next morning and he would offer a job for him in the post-office." Baba Devi considered with open mind and eyes. He found it very true. Because if mind will search for food, how it can be utilized in meditaion. Now time is changing, people's mind also changing. So, be self-supporter and then do Satsang and devotion. He found it reasonable, and authentic. Baba Devi came next morning to Ray Bahadur Shaligram Sahab. Since Shaligram Sahab was on higher position in the post-office, so this was not a big deal to recruit him for a post. He immediately appointed Baba Devi in the post-office on the salary of Rupees 30/- per month. Thirty rupees was good salary at that time which was sufficient to live happily. Thus Baba Devi left his idea to be a wondering sages and determined himself to follow the path of Self-Supporting and started his meditation, prayer, devotion doing his job with sincerity.

In the government service people have to shift from one place to other. Baba Devi too had to change the location for the job. But he continued his meditation and Satsang (association of people, practitioner, devotees to discuss God, Saints' life, and greatnesses of Sadguru) while facing the problems of shifting at new locations. Baba Devi managed the homework and also helped the other people whatever he could do. Baba Devi managed all the wordly duties in so very good manner that noone could guess that his consciousness would be swirling across the inner realm in the meditation. He was filled of the blessings of Sadguru. He was transcending inner bondages within Himself. He was on the way of higher stages in meditation. His continuous and regular practice was on the peak. The auro of spirituality was spreading inside Him. Then the time came when he did not want to waste a bit of seconds for worldly things. He wanted to put his consciousness only in the meditation. People could not know His depth of meditation. From the outside he seemed inactive and did not have any interest for job, guests, and others. He even did not take care of his body. His face was glittering. And gradually day by day the sparkle was emitting from His divine face. How could He conceal that personal aura? He wanted to put Himself in immense meditation and spiritual trance to realize self and achieve the goal as soon as possible. At last, He resigned his job in the year of 1880 and came to Muradabad (a town in Uttar Pradesh, India, near Agra). He did his job in post office for about 20 years. In Muradabad, He stayed in the home of Sahu Vanshidhar. Vanshidhar was a devotee of Baba Devi. Baba Devi gave his saved money, whatever he had earned from his job, to Sahu Vanshidhar and began his inner journey. Vanshidhar invested His money in business and in very few years that money raised to about five thousand rupees. From that amount, Baba Devi fixed Rupees 30/- per month for his maintenance.

Whoever comes in this world has to face grief and pains of the world. Though sants are embodiment of Supreme Sovereign God. Sants are beyond Time, Place and Country. Sants are of infinite prowess and the Supreme Being in human form. But They also bear those miseries. Not because of that They cannot remove them, but they show the people that Sants also have to repent for Their deeds. Sants can free themselves from all types of grief, diseases, and pains, but they do not. They follow the rules of God. It is true that saints are not affected with that pain, and miseries. They remain stable-minded and tranquil. From outside saints are affected with those diseases, miseries, but from inside They are untouched and They enjoy the inner realization and spiritual happiness. Since Their consciousness are poised in Pure Spiritual Sound, Saar-Shabda, the Essential Divine Sound. They are beyond the reach of Maayaa (illusion) and so naturally they remains beyond the body, mind, and intellect. Common people can not understand this stage. Because It is the matter of self-realization, it is not a theory and practical of Chemistry that a teacher or instructor demonstrates in the laboratory and students believe.

God blesses the sants immensely. King Harishchandra had suffered many problems and miseries while he was devotee of God and truth-speaking. He never lied even in dream. Paandava had spent many years in sorrow while Lord Shri Krishna was with them. Sant Kabir and Guru Nanak also suffered. Sant Paltu Das was burnt alive. Jesus and Mansur were crucified. Sarmad was beheaded. Sukarat and Mira Bai had to drink poison. All these were the great devotee of God, but they had to suffer from such painful states so that in one birth only their all sins would be washed away and they would become pure of all wrong deeds. Similarly, Baba Devi was struck with 'Faaliz' disease. In this kind of disease, patient can not move his body and he remains in pain. Foods of cold nature are strictly forbidden to the patients. Treatment was started by known doctors. But those did not work. Then a renowned doctor Dr. Banarjee was called on and Baba Devi paid him Rs. 32/- (Indian Rupees) as fees for 16 days in advance. (That doctor's fee was Rupees 2 for each visit.). Baba Sahab requested to him to visit and check up Him whenever the doctor would be called. Doctor prescribed some medicines and forbade to take cold foods. Baba Sahab took the medicine for 2 days. But there was no indication of improvement. On the third day, Baba Sahab did not take any medicine and in the night he called the doctor. But the doctor did not turn up due to some reason. Then Baba Sahab expressed his remarks the doctor did not appear on the third day even taking sixteen days fee in advance. Baba Sahab told that He would not take his medicine. Saying it He suddenly sat on the bed with the yogic strength and divine aura on His face. He ordered to break all the medicine bottles and throw them. He started to eat cold things like orange etc. and He completely recovered before the next morning. There was no sign of any disease or previous symptoms. Nobody could trace it out that Baba Devi had been ill. Who can know His greatness, greatness of Sant, greatness of Sadguru?

Time passed swiftly. Some more learned people came in contact of Baba Devi. They used to attend Satsang and asked questions about meditation, God, religion, Nature, World, etc. Baba Devi satisfied them well. Some people wanted to test His Yogic power. Munshi Raghuwar Dayaal, Kanhaiyaa Lal, Shyam Lal, Ram Chandra, Kalicharan, Ishwari Prasad — those are some people who came to meet Baba Devi with some query. They planned that if Baba Devi would reply all those queries without putting the questions before Him (Baba Devi), they would believe in Him and would take initiation in Santmat. They came and sat near Baba Devi. Baba Devi started to answer their queries and explained Universe, its layers and relation with Body by drawing the figure of 'Viraat' (Universe). He put the light on Deity, recycle of birth and death, soul and its achievement and thus solved nicely all the questions whatever they had in their mind. They believed that Baba Devi was not a simple sage. After some time, Baba Devi gave them Diksha (initiation) and they started their meditation practice. After some time inspired by Baba Devi's speech, the devotees of other religions too began to attend His Satsang. And gradually the number of people attending the Satsang increased huge.

The room in which Baba Devi lived was small and so it was not fit to arrange the increasing mass. Meanwhile in the year of 1883, Sahu Vanshidhar left his body. Then Baba Devi shifted to a house of devotee Munshi Bulaki Das. His room had large space. The routine of Baba Devi Sahab was going on in that spacious room. Apart of the discussions and preaches on World, God, Sants and meditation, He gave His maximum time for the practice of meditation.
To be Continued........

Santmat — Victory To All The Sants
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