Sant Buddha
guru nanak
sant kabir
(Faith Of The Sants)
tulsi sahab
devi sahab
guru mehi

Contribution - Donation
Purpose of appealing for Contribution : Your contribution will be used for the propagation of Santmat and Santmat Knowledge, for the spiritual benefits of the devouts and for organizing Santmat Satsang events. Some of the purposes are the followings :

eSatsang (establishing a Digital Santmat Satsang Library) : We want to develop a digital library of the marvelous speeches/discourses of Swami ji (Baba or Spiritual preceptor) delivered in many Santmat-Satsang programmes. This will help the devotees to listen and get benefits from online Satsang speeches who can not join physically. Alongwith we want to digitize the Santmat literature to make it available online across the globe.

Publishing some important books which are unpublished yet in Santmat literature.

Organizing Santmat-Satsang (spiritual gathering of devouts and preceptors for meditation and Satsang) in Mumbai and remote villages of India.

A Santmat Ashram (a holy hermitage for Satsang and Meditation) will be constructed in Mumbai (India). This Ashram will help spreading Santmat in the western part of India and among the foreigners.

Methods of Contribution
1. People from India can deposit money in my State Bank Of India bank account. The account detail is following :
Account holder name: Raj Kumar Santoshi
Account number : 30408859581
IFS Code of Bank : SBIN0010331
Name of the Bank : State Bank of India
2. People from abroad can send money using MoneyGram (an international money transfer service). The contributor needs to contact MoneyGram office/agent in nearby location and then fill up the form, give my details and deposit the money. I shall receive the money by presenting my personal identification proof in MoneyGram office of my location. Please go through the link below for details on MoneyGram:
Click here for MoneyGram
3. People from abroad can send money using Western Union Financial Service too. Western Union service provides various methods to transfer money like Send money Online, Send money on Phone-call or just deposit money at the branches etc. Its service is similar to abovesaid MoneyGram service. Please go through the link below for details on Western Union:
Click here for Western Union
People who use MoneyGram or Western Union service to send donation, they must contact me to take my details before approaching MoneyGram or Western Union office/agent. My email Ids :
All contributors are requested to let me know if they contribute even a single coin of amount. They should write a mail at my above said email Ids. For any query related to donations can be asked on the same above said email Ids.

Santmat — Victory to All The Sants
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