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Shanti Sandesh
"Shanti-Sandesh" i.e "Message of Peace" is a monthly journal of Santmat published by Akhil Bhartiya Santmat Satsang, Kuppaghat Ashram and Patna Ashram in Bihar, India. "Shanti-Sandesh" is published in Bharati (Indian) language. "Shanti-Sandesh" is rich of spiritual contents and discourses. It contains the hymns of Vedas, scriptures and poems of saints-sages of all times. It publishes the opinions of learned spiritual people also. Maharshi Mehi was the founder of this monthly journal considering its high need in our society. The people who cannot attend physically in Satsang (gathering of devouts for spiritual talk), can be benefitted by this journal. The greatest realised wisdom of our ancient rishis and saints can be reached at the door of the seekers in text. Extending the same thought of Sadguru Mehi, digital version of Shanti-Sandesh is being uploaded on internet and I hope this tiny effort will delight the devouts and feed their spiritual hunger.
I am grateful to Nilakshi and her husband Guru Prasad (the eldest son of Dr. Satyadeo Sah, a scholar and great disciple of Sadguru Mehi) who provided me old issue of Shanti Sandesh. Though it is in torn condition, still greatness of a single drop of nector is indescribable.
Sadguru Maharshi Mehi

Year Shanti Sandesh available for below months
1954 May Nov-Dec
1956 Jan Jul
1957 Sep Oct Nov
1958 Jan
1959 Feb
1961 Jan
1962 Mar
1966 Feb
2011 Jul Aug
2014 Apr
2015 Feb

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