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(Faith Of The Sants)
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guru mehi

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Maharshi Mehi's Messages To The World --
"O, the people of the world! This charming and lovely world howsomuch fascinating it may be, but it is illusory, transitory and perishable like the structure of smoke, so say all but you think it is fine and pleasant and take it as true and real. The sensual pleasures are as illusory as mirage and like a deer, you run after them only to suffer, where none except Sadguru is the guide to take you of it. In this world which is like an inn, none is one's own. Has one found one's son, father, mother, wife, brother, relation, family, king, subjects and all others one's own? The residents of all the seven paradises, deities of the celestial worlds are all luxurious. But none is eternal and everyone is a traveller. Truth and abode of eternal peace is only the Supreme Being described as one beyond the sound or soundless by Sants. He is beyond Kshar (perishable) and Akshar (Imperishable) and so beyond unqualified and qualified. He is beyond the reach of eyes and other senses, nameless, beyond description and the abode of bliss. He is beyond the reach of mind and attributes of all other senses. This is the self-existence of the Supreme who is the Lord of the universe and omnipresent for extending help. Learn from Sadguru the method to realize the Supreme Being, devote yourself to constant spiritual practice as instructed and guided, keep yourself in the shelter and contact of Sadguru avoiding discrimination between Him and the Supreme. Serve and worship Him with a mind free from useless worldly thoughts. Live detached from the world and keep restraint and control over the senses. Foresake lust, anger, pride, craze, for the objects of the senses, hypocrisy, pride, attachment, hatred and so many other demerits and be in the devotion to God. It is good to be rid of the said demerits slowly. Accepting the way of Sadguru, don't let yourself be swayed by the whims of mind, adultery, falsehood, intoxication, violence and stealth. Give them up all. They are harmful and the strong ties to the material world. Wine, ganja, bhang, opium, tari, madam, kokin, tobaco - all these intoxicants are to be given up. First of all restrain your diet and then kill other demerits gradually. Give up meat and fist and adopt purity in food. Take to satsang of both kinds - inner and outer daily. Religious discourses and discussion is outer satsang whereas the constant pracitce of meditation is inner satsang. In the easy posture of sitting, practice Maanas Jap and Maanas Dhyaan of Sadgurudeo with eyes closed. Having acquired some ability of concentration, pracitise Dristi Yoga and transcend into the realm of Divine Light from the darkness of microcosm by grasping Bindu (point) in the medullary. Listen to the various inner musical sounds and thus the surat (spirit-force) transcending and ascending ahead and upward breaking the inner layers or concealments will establish itself in the divine realm of light of macrocosm from the darkness of microcosm. The spirit-force will proceed even beyond the region by the yoga of sound and will grasp the pure spiritual sound known as Sat Dhun, Ram Nam, Sar Shabda etc. in Sant's literature leaving back the sounds of lower spheres. The sound is pure, unqualified and purely spiritual in its self-existence. This sound merging in the Soundless State will also lose its existence there. This is the abode of the Supreme Being and eternal peace. One who has attained this peace or state is a Sant. Being detached and liberated from the bondage of Maya in life-time, he preaches in the world. The secret of Santmat has been described. One who knows and practises according with a pure heart and mind, loves satsang and proceeds on the path of dispassion and detachment from the world, frees others from attachments and doubts illustrating to them the philosophy of santmat is worthy of being regarded as Sadguru (the spiritual preceptor). Don't conceal anything from Sadguru and be worthy to have his nectarean affection. Behave humbly with him. Ego leads to a fall and ruin and so remain cautious otherwise you will go on suffering in the coils of transmigration.
Let by gones be by gones. Hurry up to practising devotion to Sadgurudeo for the time once lost, never comes again. There is no other way than following the Santmat. If you want to be free from the cycle of birth and death, be the follower of a Sant. I tell you, listen to me, O, people of the whole world. Lord Sadgurudeo His Holiness Maharshi Mehi Paramhansji Maharaj says, "The deepest secret of Santmat has been described and now I keep mum."
"So long as the spiritual status of a country is not raised, the moral standard of the people in the country will be neither high nor good. And so long as the moral standard is not high, the code of social conduct will not be good and conducive to peace. The bad code of social conduct will not enable the body-politic to run administration peacefully and the country will remain under turmoil and unrest."
"God is only one and the same for all. The way to God is only one and the same. Worship to gross form enables one to reach the point from where the spiritual way begins. Devotion to God only can bring peace in the world."

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