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Maharshi Mehi's Glories & Greatnesses
Lord Sadguru Maharshi Mehi Paramhansji Maharaj was a Sant in the link of Sants like Kabir and Nanak. He had attained perfection and was a God-realized Soul. His spirit-force was ever absorbed in the Logos and He was endowed with all the marks of a Sant.
Describing Sants, Goswami Tulsidasji says: "They are detached from the objects of senses, they are the treasure of good conduct and feel unhappy with others' unhappiness and happy with others' happiness. They have equanimity of mind and are without enmity, pride, attachment with the world. They have no greed, jealousy and fear of any kind. They have a very kind and tender heart, bestow mercy and kindness on the poor and are devoted to Lord Shri Ram (God) by thought, words and conduct. They respect all without wanting any respect to themselves. I like and love them as My soul, O Bharat. They are devoid of lust, devoted to My name (divine name) and are abode of tranquility, despassion, devotion and spiritual ecstasy, calmness, simplicity, universal goodwill, love for God-realized souls and uprightness of conduct. The great souls who are endowed and blessed with aforesaid virtues, O brother, should be regarded as Sants. They never lose Sam (equnimity of mind), Dam (control over senses) and give up Niyam (Sauch - purity within and without, Santosh - contentment, tap - penace, Swadhyaya - study of the spiritual sciences and Ishwar Paridhan - poising mind in the meditation of God), Nesti (the path of uprightness) nor utter a harsh and disagreeable word. The souls that take praise and reproach alike and are devoted to My Lotus feet wholeheartedly are the embodiments of virtues and bliss, and dearer to Me than My life itself."
Sants are endowed with the said virtues.
"A man deserves to be called a Sant only when his life has materialised what the Upanishad says in the following lines --
He who has got over his doubts and broken the tangles of heart and attained the spiritual eye is a Sant." Prior to it, he may be called anything - a great devotee, worshiper, scholar, great soul or sage but he is not entitled to be called a Sant.
Acharya Parashuram Chaturvedi says, "The word 'Sant' points to a man who has realized the 'truth' in form of the Supreme Reality and identified himself with Him".
His Holiness Lord Sadgurudeo Maharshi Mehi Paramhansji Maharaj was endowed and blessed with all these characteristics of a Sant.
In His words - "Stablemindedness or stillness of mind is the name of Shanti (peace eternal of the self-realized trance). One who has attained Shanti is a Sant."
"The perfect and true spiritual preceptor is that life-liberated great sant-soul whose spirit-force has immerged in Shabdateetpad (The Supreme) at the time of Samaadhi (the climax of the spiritual trance or God-self-realized state) transcending all the non-conscious concealments and whose mind, while working remains uninvolved the spirit-force being connected with the pure spiritual sound (Saar Shabda)."
His mind was ever absorbed in the sweetest melody of the pure spiritual sound and thus being unified and one with the Absolute Reality. He was proving truly to be the embodiment of the thought expressed in the following verse of Sant Kabir Saheb.
He remains spiritually intoxicated round the clock with the divine ecstasy of the spiritual world. He resides in the Divine Absolute permanently. He speaks the truth and holds on to the truth. He forsakes the unreal and attains the eternal truth. Thus a Sant is placed in a state beyond the transmigration of soul and is free from the fear of cycle of birth and death.
At Shankaracharyanagar Rishikesh, Maharshi Mahesh Yogi while greeting Him said, "He is poised in such a spiritual state that He has no necessity to speak. While He is sitting, there emits a vibration of self-realization from Him.
Although He had nothing to do for Himself in his ripe age, His life was routined and regulated according to the injunctions of the Gita. There was a balance and beauty in all His actions - meditation, Satsang, walking, sleeping, taking meals, conversation, hospitality and other outer works. He was a living embodiment of one who comprehends truth and speaks truth.
Saffron colored dress, thin person, white complexioned broad and shining forhead, long ears and nose, thick beard, the Neem stick in hand or kept beside, calm and steady eyes with divine capability to penetrate and see into things hidden within and without - He takes His seat on His Ashan - and nearest to His Holiest feet is sitting on His Knees Baba Shri Santseviji Maharaj with folded hands reminding the picutre of Lord Mahavir Hanuman sitting on His knees with his folded hands nearest to the feet of Lord Shri Ram. Shri Ramlagan Dasji, Harinandan Dasji and Bhagirath Dasji etc. are either standing or sitting around. It looks as though, the Lord Hari Himself in His human incarnation with Divine associates has appeared for the welfare of the devotees. The devotees gather round Him. Their eager and thirsty eyes do not seem to be tired of drinking the nector of His holy and divine glimpse.
O Lord Sadguru! Appear in my heart with your holy and divine glimpse. I am extremely unhappy without having your holy glimpse within myself. I count your holy name day and night, appear in your divine person before my vision of mind and meditation without making delay anymore. I offer myself to you. Listen to my prayer, O Lord Sadguru. I cannot bear the pains of separation from you, the pains are unbearable to me, O Lord Sadguru ! Eyes shed tears unceasingly and I am watching the way and waiting for your appearance. Don't think over my demerits, forgive me for all my faults and evil ways. Don't forget that this one is only yours O, the purgator of sins. Now, nothing like home or courtyard is agreeable to me. Like an insentient and immobile I dare not walk and move, eyes get flooded with tears again and again. Don't snap the tie of affection with me even for a brief moment. Draw me out from the prision of Maya with your all powerful hands O, Lord Sadguru! As a fish suffers and dies in want of water so does this one in want of your appearance.
Kabir Das offers his prayer, O Lord greater than the greatest, be kind enough to appear in your holy and divine glimpse before my vision in my meditation thinking me your own."
Now I would like to narrate some stories of miraculous event which His universal Omnipresent and Omnipotent existence causes to happen openly or secretly for the universal welfare.
Japanese Lady's Dream
Once a Lady named Ukiko Fusita from Japan dreamed about an old, white complexioned sage standing at the gate of a golden temple situated in a deep sea. The dream vanished but the memory of the sage's face remained ever fresh and apparent before her eyes. She was restless to see the sage in person. Hoping to find Him in India, she came to India and travelled to many religious places throughout the country from the Himalayas to Kanyakumari. But she could not find out the sage of her dream. Being disappointed she returned to her country. However, the intensity of desire brought her again to India next year. This time she knew about Him and reached Kuppaghat Ashram, Bhagalpur. During her visit Lord Sadgurudeo was out of Ashram for preaching satsang. She saw His picture hanging by the wall. She sprang out of extremes delight and exclaimed, "This is the saint whom I had seen in dream." She went back to Bombay and wrote a letter begging time to see Him. She was permitted by a reply to her letter. Then she came to Haridwar-congregation of Santmat and saw Him. She requested him to get her initiated into His creed and guide her through the methods of practising meditation. He fixed time and asked her to come to Kuppaghat Ashram, Bhagalpur. At the fixed date and time she came to Kuppaghat Ashram and got her initiated by Him into the creed and thus she could learn the methods of practising meditation. Acting on His instruction, she sat in meditation. She saw some miraculous scenes. After meditation she was filled with surprise to remember these scenes. She began to depict them on paper and showed Him. Sometime asked about her experience, "How did you feel?" Very easy and very hard" replied she.
The glimpse of the wonderful inner astral world was only the consequence of His favor and grace. It seems as if to spread the creed of Santmat abroad. He brought her to India by His unknown and invisible inspiration.
Meditation Drifted Boat Forward
The incident occured in 1958. It was the month of Kartik (Nov-Dec). A congregation of Santmat Satsang was to be held in the village Tikapatti (Rupauli, district Purnea, Bihar). A resident of this village Shri Sundar Dasji, who is also His disciple started with his companions on four boats across the Ganga (a famous river of India) to bring straw for Pandal (vast campus and conopy) for the congregaion. At a place while rowing the boats in a diversion of the current, two of the boats got struck in the mud at a place where the river was shallow and they could not be pushed ahead inspite of several attempts made by them. They began to shiver with cold by remaining in water in the winter for the wholeday. However they spent the night in boat. At predown hour of meditation, they sat in meditation. Shri Sundar Dasji prayed to Shri Sadguru Maharaj, "O Lord Sadguru Maharaj, we have got tired of making efforts to disengage the boats and steer them clear of the mud. Now you are the only hope to get us out of it." To his surprise, he saw the radiant glimpse of Lord Sadgurudeo in his meditation and the boat automatically and surprisingly enough drifted forward with a speed and instantly the second also followed the first.
None Can Kill Those Whom God Is Willing To Save
Shri Lal Sakheji, a priest of 'Shyama Sadan Ashram' of Ayodhya (U.P., India) was on way to Bhagalpur by train to have His holy glimpse. Some criminals got into his compartment somewhere in course of his journey. A newly married couple was also sitting in the compartment. The criminals shut the bridegroom in the lavatory and began to misbehave with the bride and snatch away her ornaments. The priest felt pity for the couple and said to them, "Why do you misbehave with the couple?" The criminals replied, "We thought you to be a sage but now we will do away with you first." Telling so they caught hold of the hands and feet of the sage and threw him away out of the compartment. Accidently the sage was hit by the pole which stood beside the track and fell down on a pile of straw which the owner of the field had raised there. So, the sage was not hurt. While he was being thrown, he prayed within himself to Him, "O Lord, is this the consequence of such a holy desire?" The guard of the train in his compartment perceived someone having been thrown away out of the compartment. He stopped the train and enquired of the incident. He came to the sage lying on the pile of straw. The sage said, " First save the couple from the criminals in such and such a compartment. The bridegroom has been shut in the toilet and the bride is being misbehaved with." The guard with some policemen proceeded towards the compartment. Watching them coming, the criminals ran away from there. The policeman chased and caught hold of two of them and arrested them. Then the sage was brought into the compartment of the train unhurt and the train started. At Bhagalpur junction he got down and came to Maharshi Mehi Ashram, Kuppaghat (Bhagalpur). Just at that time Lord Sadgurudeo was preaching -
None can kill those whom God is willing to save.
The holyman came to Lord Sadgurudeo, bowed before His holiest feet and said, "Lord, the words are proving true to me." and described the whole story. Lord Sadgurudeo listened to him and smiled.
Lives Of Satsangis Saved
The incident occured on 9 Oct. 1980. Lord Sadgurudeo was on way to Amritsar (Punjab). He started on 4 Oct. by train from Bhagalpur and stayed at the house of Mrs. Sheela Chamaria, Calcutta from 5 Oct. to 9 Oct. morning. At the noon of 8 Oct. He said, "Punjab lies in the west and so on Sunday, the 10th Oct. it is not good to depart from the astrological point of view." Baba Shri Santseviji Maharaj requested,"Lord, the berth has been reserved for the 10th Oct. and if cancelled it may cause inconvenience and create difficulties in making fresh reservation." A number of Satsangis (disciples of Santmat) were accompanying Him. He became grave for a while and then said,
Step on according to breath and fight even with death for once.
No one could understand its meaning but all became apprehensive that some misfortune was to befall. However, they got over their anziety beause of His presence. On 9 Oct. He along with other Satsangis left by Delux train at 10.30 am. At night, by 10.00 pm all Satsangis went to sleep on His command. After a while a thunderous noise was heard. The darkness prevailed all around. All of them awoke and saw in the torchlight that everything in the compartment was right except Lord Sadgurudeo who had fallen down from the berth into the lap of Baba Shri Bhagirath Dasji. He was seated again on the berth. The noise of shriek and weeping prevailed. After a while, Baba Shri Ramlagan Dasji informed that the train had a head-on collision with the stationary goods train at Nainee Station. The front bogies of the train had been smashed and the engine got irreparable damaged. Shri Nand Kumar Tulsi (Jamalpur, Bihar) took Him and other Satsangis by car to Allahabad. From Allahabad they went to Amritsar. On the way, Shri Nandkumar Babu said to Him, "Lord, now the meaning of what you said to fight even with death for once, is clear. He began to smile.
Unexptected Gift To Villegers
In Nov. 1980, the inaugural function of the newly built house of Maharshi Mehi Middle School, Dharhara (Purnea, Bihar) situated in the campus of Shri Santmat Satsang Mandir was to be held and attended by Shri Lahtan Chaudhary, the then Revenue Minister of Bihar. The minister had a strong desire to have His holy glimplse. Consequently, the villagers prayed to Him to attend the function by holding Satsang there and oblige all with His holy presence. During the period He was away holding Satsang Tatanagar, Jamshedpur. On His consent He was brought to Dharhara and the function ended well. Then He came to Jhalighat and Choonapur. While on way to Choonapur, He accepted the loving prayer of a poor and devotee disciple. He went to Belabadan, four miles away in northern direction to bless his hut with the divine and sublime touch of His Holiest and most auspicious feet.
It was the auspicious day of Deepavali, the 7th Nov. On the way the car fell and stopped in a small ditch. After much effort and getting them down from the car, the car owner, Late Shri Guru Prasad Sah of Dharhara who himself was driving got the car out of pit and came to the said devout disciple. Inspite of facing discomforts in the way, Lord Sadgurudeo was delighted and accepted the rare gift of tears welling up out of his loving and reverential devotion and thus rewarded him with His blessings. To the surprise of all, only after two weeks, the repair of the road commenced and bricks, stones and coaltar began to be stretched on the road. The local people felt greatly obliged to Him thinking that it was His blessing that he had made the repair of the road possible as soon.
I put it humbly and apologically to say that the said disciple was none but the writer of this holy biography himself (Dr. Satyadeo Sah, author of "Maharshi Mehi Charit").
When the writer looks back at a decade of his past life he realises that it was the Omnipresent greatness and miracle of Lord Sadgurudeo which had helped him to survive through the tempests of life and saved him from being broken and ruined. During this long period, when his head and heart were tossed and tormented by the evil, dark and vicious forces surrounding him, it seemed that he would not be able to survive and continue for long. At such a critical period one night, when he went to sleep after prayer, he dreamt that he was standing firm facing the heavy rainfall and storm, the black patches of clouds in the sky and deep darkness all around him and he was uttering "Jai Guru, Jai Guru" with intensity of devotion and that the darkness dispelled suddenly and the rainfall and the storm stopped and the sun rose with the holy and divine glimpse of Lord Sadgurudeo to give him the message of hope and faith. The dream vanished and in his day today life, he found the evil and dark forces retreating. The night of torture and oppression passed; peace, prosperity and progress dawned and he got a living and vivid realization of the shower of His miraculous grace. It was His kind blessing that saved him from being destroyed.

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