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Adoration And Arti To Sant
O Lord Sadgurudeo! The only resort and refuge for poor and helpless like me. Purgator and elevator of the fallen, saviour of devotees, the infinite ocean of love and kindness, Omnipresent , Omnipresent, Omniscent and invincible, stableminded, ever engaged in the trancendental ecstasy of the realization of the Supreme and His Pure Spiritual Name or Sound, the cause of universal wellbeing and welfare, the destroyer of sin, the pillar of faith and poised in eqanimity of mind, the greatest of Yogins, detached from the objects of sensers, existing in the state of absolute and supreme peace, the embodiment of infinite knowledge and bliss, the crusher of miseries, possessing the weapons of omniscence, the Lord of the orphans, the help of the refugee, the ocean of forgiveness, crown among those to be worshipped, the greatest of the helpers, detached from the desire for getting respect, the greatest destroyer of even the destroyer- death or Kal, the bestower of all material and spiritual bliss and achievements, the Supreme Being Himself in human form, the prophet and messiah of the age, the sun of omniscenes, kinder than the kindest, endowed with a look which may turn a lowly into a great one, kindest to the poor, the destroyer of darkness of Maya (illussion), greater than even the greatest and better than even the best, the Supreme Being and even greater than Him in human form, O Lord Sadgurudeo! Thou art without passion, a yogi transcending the limit of threefold Nature, the perfect seer, higher than even that searching after Sound Brahma, endowed and blessed with innumerable divine and miraculous sports, easy and hard to comprehend and causing suspicions even to the contemplative souls, the living image of the Supreme Brahma, universal welfare and wellbeing, my help and support, life, O Lord Sadgurudeo! How can it be possible for an ignorant and inexperienced man like me to describe the countless deeds of unfathomable greatnesses of Sant Sadgurudeo Who is indescribable even by Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, Lord Sadashiva, poets, scholars and even Goddess Saraswati. My efforts to describe Him and His works are nothing more that of a shopkeeper dealing in vegetables trying to describe the worth and values of gems and diamonds.
The entire description in this book is a small particle of drop from the infinite and unfathomable ocean of the greatness, glories, importance, existence and influence of Lord Sadgurudeo, His Holiness Maharshi Mehi Paramhansji Maharaj. The greatness of a self-realized Sant is infinite and unfathomable as that of the Supreme. Who can be able to count them? A last, with the reverence expressed in the following couplet of the holy 'Ramcharit' and the hymns of the Gita, I make my deepest obeisance with dedicated heart and mind, my whole and soul, in the holiest feet of Lord Sadgurudeo Who is my life's life and conclude this chapter and book. Jai Guru Maharaj --
Lord Shri Ram, The Supreme Being is the unfathomable ocean of virtues. None can be able to measure depth. I relate to you what I have heard from Sants.
Prayer of the Gita --
O Lord of infinite prowess, my salutations to Thee from the before and from the behind. O Soul of all, my obeisance to Thee from all sides. Thou who possessest limitless might art all pervasive, therefore Thou art all.
Ignorant of this greatness of Thine and thinking Thee only to be a friend, the way in which I have wantonly addressed Thee either through needlessness or even affection as Krishna, Yadav, Friend and so on, the way in which Thou hast been slighted by me in jest while playing, reposing in bed, sitting or drinking, either alone or in the presence of others - I crave forgiveness for all that from Thee, who are infinite, O infallible Lord.
Thou art the Father also, the greatest teacher of the anilate and inanimate creation and supremely adorable O Possessor of incomparable glory, in all the three worlds there is no one else equal to Thee, how can anyone be superior?
Therefore, Lord, laying my body at Thine feet and bowing low, I seek to propitiate you, the ruler of all and worthy of all praise. It behoves You to condone my fault as a father, condones the fault of his son, a friend that of his friend and the loving husband that of his beloved consort -
"O Lord Sadguru! Victory to Thee, victory to Thee and again victory to Thee. Thou art the embodiment of omniscence and all consciousness. Be kind enough to remove my faults and demerits."
"O Lord Sadgurudeo! The bestower of all happiness and welfare. Thou art blessed and ever blessed and your greatness is indescribable. Nothing can be described by me. Whatever I have done or I do is only due to your grace and boon."
"The infinite ocean of knowledge, love, kindness, prowess, virtues and grace O Lord Sadgurudeo! Protect and save me from all harms. I make my deepest and heartiest salutations and obeisance bowing low and keeping my head on Thine holiest Lotus-feet, again and again, O Lord Sadgurudeo!
"Jai Guru Maharaj"
Sing Arati to the holy feet of the Sant (God-realized soul), no way out to cross the sea of Maya, Lord Vishnu Himself sings praises of the sants and the holy dust of their feet is not available even to Lord Brahma. The paradise and holy places crave for this holy feet. There is no distinction between Sant and Lord Ram, both are one, Goddess Lakshami serves him and Lord Shiva, the resident of Kailash wishes for the dust of his holy feet. Millions have attained salvation acting according to and under the control and wish of Sant. Paltu Das searches after him who is the root and source of all universe welfare and wellbeing i.e. Sant.
Jai Guru Maharaj

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