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Contribution to literature --
Making a vast study and profound contemplation of the Vedas and Upanishads, the Gita, the Ram Charitmanas, the Mahabhart, the Puranas He has largely proved that inspite of obvious differences among several creeds and faiths, the essential views regarding liberation of soul are identical and the same. The whole of His literature seems oriented to this end and in this way He has tried to show an essential unity of views among apparently different creeds, which is unprecedented in the history of Sant-Literature. His whole literature is lighted with the light of yogic experiences and realization.
The most important feature of His literature is that He writes for the general welfare of mankind on their individual, social, worldly and after worldly aspects of life in a language which is easily intelligible to the common people. One has not to exercise one's brain or bother about to comprehend thoughts on devotion, spiritual discipline or uprighteousness of character as one does in the literature of Sant Kabir Saheb. He does not assume the attitude of refutation or criticizing others. The ideal of truth and agreeableness is manifest in His sentiments thoughts and language. His literature reflects both the aphoristic and expository style. If the 'Santsang- Yoga' part-IV has an aphoristic style, the 'Ramcharitmanas Sar-Satik' and 'Shri Gith Yoga Prakash' have the expository style. His literature is altogether distinct and has no equal in whole of the Sant writings if Hindi-literature-- a kind of literature that contains the reliable and realized experiences and serves as a beacon light in the sense of giving the whole world the messages of universal peace and welfare.
Bihar Rashtrabhasha Parishad Patna awarded Him with a sum of Rs. 1500/- in 1967 but He refused to accept the sum. He also presided the Purnea Zila Sahitya Sammelan in 1952 at Banmankhi and the speech delivered by Him is a treasure and unchallengeable statement for Hindi literature.
His important works among many others include:--
1) Satsang Yoga
2) Maharshi Mehi Padavali
3) Ramcharitmanas Sar-Satik
4) Vinaya Patrika Sar-Satik
5) Veda-Darshan-Yoga
6) Satsang-Sudha
7) Shri Gita YOga Prakash
8) Ghat Ramayan Sar-Satik
9)Ishwar Swaroop Aur Usaki Prapti
10) Jnan Yoga Yukta Bhakti

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