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Biography Of Swami Shridhar Baba, and his teachings
Swami Shridhar Baba was the seniormost attendant and disciple of Sadguru Mehi. He was initiated in Santmat in the year of 1928 by Sadguru Mehi with 4 methods of meditation (Manas Jap, Manas Dhyan, Drishti Yoga and Naadaanusandhaan). Since then he liked the holy company of Guru Maharaj (Sadguru Mehi) and used to serve Him in all possible ways. To do the innermost meditation of Naadaanusandhaan (i.e. Surat-Shabda Yoga i.e. the Yoga of Divine Sound), Sadguru Mehi was in search of secluded and peaceful place where no outer disturbance could reach. At that time Guru Maharaj, along with Swami Shridhar baba and Chhataru Das, came to the holy ancient cave of Kuppaghat in Bhagalpur (Bihar State, India). This place was on the bank of river Ganga and it attracted Guru Maharaj. The cave was cleaned by Swami Shridhar Baba and other Satsangis and then this cave was ready for meditation. Sadguru Mehi used to enter in the cave at 9 am for the meditaiton and used to come out at 12 pm. During this time Shridhar baba used to prepare meal of the day. After taking lunch and rest, again Guru Maharaj used to enter in the cave at 4 pm and used to come out at 7 pm or 8 pm. Swami Shridhar baba used to do all other works like cleaning, gardening, clothes-washing alongwith cooking. Chhataru Das also used to help in this service of Sadguru Mehi. Sadguru Mehi had instructed Swami Shridhar Das during His practice of Naadaanusandhaan, "You also practise the yoga of Divine Sound (i.e. Naadaanusandhaan) and write down the sounds that you hear within." ...
To bring the life of Swami Shridhar - a real devotee and seniormost attendant of Sadguru Mehi - in the public view, an attempt was made to write his biography. Amighunt (Drop of Amrit i.e. ambrosia or nectar) is a holy book that brings the life of Swami Shridhar visible to us but concise. In this book, Amighunt, the author has sketched the life of Swami Shridhar on the facts heard by Swami Shridhar and also he added the precious teachings / preaches of Swami Shridhar delivered in various Satsangs. The name of author of Amighunt is Swami Sachchidanad, an attendant of Swami Shridhar and devotee of Sadguru Mehi. Reading this book, we, the common people, can learn the staunch dedication towards Guru, selfless service to Master, living with real and honest work and hard practice of meditation. We can get inspiration to become as Swami Shridhar in our lives. How a pupil should live and obey his Master sacrificing ego and praise -- we can learn knowing the life of Swami Shridhar.
Currently the biography is being preseneted in Bharati (Indian) langauge, but our effort will be continuing to provide in english too in near future.
Swami Shridhar Baba

1. Brief Biography Of Swami Shridhar Baba

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